Treasurer Forms and Documents

First off, THANK YOU for your support and participation. I hope to make the financial part as easy on you as possible since you are volunteering your time. I am open to any and all suggestions for improvement. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason. My contact information is below.

In all cases, please be a good steward of our PTA monies. The better we spend, the further it goes to support our kids.


Click HERE for the 2021/2022 Budget and Monthly Reports 


Procedures for Purchasing Materials and Deposit Vouchers

Purchasing Materials:

Committee purchases are reimbursed by the Treasurer and deducted from your budget. Since we are a 501C3, we are sales tax exempt. So please use the tax exempt letter and be sure to get a receipt. Sales tax is not able to be reimbursed, except in the following cases:

  1. Sams Club and Costco – The tax exempt letter cannot be used, however the savings offset the tax in most cases.
  2. – The tax exempt structure is set up in a way that only we (exec committee) have tax exemption. Therefore, we will reimburse taxes for only if you use supporting the PTA. For any large amount purchases, please contact Jay Nelson to purchase using our PTA account.

Attach all receipts to the back of the expense voucher. Expense vouchers and deposit vouchers are available in the links below.

Vouchers and Receipts should be turned into the PTA office mailbox in the Westgate Main office, delivered electronically to, or handed to Jay Nelson (contact info below).

General purchases do not need to be pre-approved by the PTA President, and you do not need approval before going $25 over your budget. Purchases $25 over your approved budget will need to be discussed and voted on at a PTA General Board Meeting. Please keep a record of your expenses and purchases, along with your committee’s budget.

If you have any questions please contact

Expense Voucher:

  1. Complete the Expense Voucher form. Copies are available on the link below and in the appropriate folder in the file cart.
  2. Keep in mind that sales tax is not reimbursed except as noted above. Please use the tax exempt certificate whenever possible.
  3. The voucher must have two different signatures from the committee in order to be valid.
  4. Indicate clearly how you would like the check delivered.
  5. Turn in the voucher to the PTA office mailbox, scan and email to, or hand deliver to Jay Nelson. I will check the office mailbox at least weekly.

Deposit Record:

  1. Complete the Deposit Record form. Copies are available on the link below and in the appropriate folder in the file cart. A separate sheet can be used to list additional names and details for larger deposits. Attach this sheet to the Deposit Record form.
  2. The Deposit Record must be filled out and signed by the authorized person for ALL deposits and it MUST contain two signatures. My signature as Treasurer can count as a second signature ONLY if both parties are present when counting money.
  3. Please contact me to make arrangements for the exchange of check, cash or coin. With the appropriate Deposit Record form, checks can be placed in the PTA mailbox in the main office. I will check the mailbox each week. Cash is not allowed in the PTA mailbox in the main office or cart in the PTA office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

Jay Nelson – Westgate PTA Treasurer
Phone: 224-334-2014