Westgate PTA 2019-2020 Budget

Please see below the 2019-2020 budget for the Westgate PTA. (approved 9/11/19)

We welcome any and all feedback and discussion! The more participation we have from everyone in the Westgate community, the better we can support our children.

Please direct any and all comments to Jay Nelson at westgateptatreasurer@gmail.com.

The budget will be voted upon at the PTA General Meeting on 9/11/19. See you there!



Please see below the 2019-2020 proposed UPDATED budget.

This budget increases the budget for 5th Grade Recognition to allow for a $1500 grant to the school for buses for the Camp Duncan field trip. Due to a shortage of bus drivers, the trip may not happen without our help. If we don’t approve, other school activities from the general school activities fund (Westgate, not PTA) will suffer. $1000 of this is shifted from the Back to School Block Party (which is complete and had a surplus), and $500 from the fundraiser.